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Have a Home Renovation Project
But Tired of Paying High Contractor Pricing?

Hire Accredited Trades
at a Fraction of the Cost

Did you know that a lot of contractors don't have their own crews? They hire sub-contractors and mark up what they charge by 200 to 400%. Here is an example of what some contractors charge for the same job...

  • Additions - a room above the garage can cost as low as $75,000 and as high as $150,000 for the same job, same materials
  • Basements - we've had basements quoted from $15,000 to $50,000 for the same job, same materials
  • Bathrooms - range from $10,000 to $50,000 for the same job, same materials
  • Decks & Fences - $1,500 to $5,000
  • Garages - $15,000 to $35,000
  • Kitchens - $20,000 to $80,000
  • Landscaping - $5,000 to $20,000
  • Roofing - $5,000 to $15,000
  • Siding - $15,000 t $40,000

Remember, the above prices were quoted by different contractors on the SAME JOB USING THE SAME MATERIAL! Our quotes come in on the low side!

The biggest problem is, many tradespeople are totally incompetent and do things poorly and often not to code. ARC Trades only works with accredited trades that will make sure that your renovation project is done properly, in a timely manner, to the local code for your area. Plus, we only mark up what they charge by approximately 15 to 25%. In addition, we are the only company that brings in an independent, certified home inspector.

Our Trades Don't Get Paid Until an Independent Home Inspector
Approves the Job!


Here's How it Works... 


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Step 1: Call ARC Trades and an Advisor Will Come to Your Home to Help You Determine the Scope of the Project, the Trades, and the Materials that You'll Need

Our advisors will discuss the scope of your project, determine which trades you'll need and will also show you where to find mint condition building materials at up to 90% savings! 

Here are some of the savings that one homeowner got...

  • Granite countertops - paid $1,500, saved $4,000
  • Staircase spindles - paid $2/spindle, saved $10/spindle or $400
  • Jetted Tub - paid $1,000, saved $1,000
  • Steam shower - paid $4,000, saved $4,000
  • Swimspa - paid $17,000, saved $16,000
  • Custom cabinets - paid $12,000, saved $5,000
  • Tile flooring - paid $6,000, saved $4,000
  • Exterior entrance door - paid $1,000, saved $3,000
  • Carpeting - paid $5,000, saved $3,000
  • Insulation - paid $5,000, saved $2,000
  • Top Grain Leather Sofa set - paid $3,500, saved $3,500
  • 70" LED TV - paid $900, saved $1,900
  • Roofing - saved $5,000 and had insurance pay it all  for an additional $7,000 savings

Total material saving: Over $53,000 - on materials alone!

Fotolia 36937752 XSStep 2: Accredited Trades Will Come to Your Home and Take Measurements For Quoting Purposes

The various trades will come to your home, take notes and measure everything. They will then meet with your advisor and he'll put an affordable price together for you. All of our trades comply with the following...

  • Licensed - means they can legally work where you are located
  • Insured - means if a 3rd party gets injured or your belongings get damaged, they're covered
  • Workers Compensation - means that if one of the tradespeople get injured, you're covered - no lien on your home
  • Experienced - we make sure that any trade that we introduce to you knows what they're doing

Calgary ContractorsStep 3: Your Advisor Will Come Back to Your Home, Give You Detailed Line Item Pricing Complete with *Low Interest Financing, and Then Schedule the Work to Meet Your Timeline

Once your advisor has all the quotes, they will be converted into labour, material, and product breakdowns, with a timeline for project completion. Should you decide to go ahead with the project, we can also arrange for low interest financing that is subject to your credit rating.

billionphotos 1849572Step 4: Once Your Project is Completed, an Independent, 3rd Party, Certified Home Inspector will Inspect and Approve the Work and Then We Will Pay the Various Trades

Once a project is finshed, we get paid for that trade. Once all of the work is finished, an independent 3rd party, certified home inspector will inspect and approve the project. If touch ups are required, they will be performed by the appropriate trade and the inspector will re-inspect the property and approve it. We only pay the appropriate trade when their specific job has been approved by the home inspector.



"Avoid a Renovation Nightmare - Hire ARC Trades and Save Yourself Numerous Headaches and a Lot of Money!"
"I hired a lot of tradespeople over the past 4 years thinking that I would save a lot of money. What a mistake! Most of the tradespeople that I hired talked like they knew what they were doing but what a nightmare... Not one of them worked to code! The demolition crew moved a structural post and the roof caved in. The furnace guy drilled a 6" hole in a support beam to put a duct through. The electrician left half way through the job and didn't come back. The painter quoted a low hourly wage and then brought family members who took forever to do something. The staircase guy built a railing with too much space between spindles. The deck guy built horizontal railings that acted more like a ladder than a railing and certainly not to code! Honestly, a total nightmare that almost cost me my marriage! I've known the founder of ARC Trades for many years and he has always been a reputable contractor. Hire ARC Trades and save yourself numerous headaches and a lot of money!" Peter S. Homeowner in Mayfair, South Calgary

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