What Would it Mean to You if Your Contractors Treated Your Renovation Project Like it was THEIR Home Improvement Investment?



Accredited Renovation Contractors
Can Mean the Difference Between Contractor Bills That Never End and...
Peace of Mind From a Job Done Right the First Time

We've all seen the horror stories on TV of the money pits that never stop draining money from the owners pockets. They just had the roof done... and it leaks! Countless cases of renovations that are not built to code. Dangerous situations because they lead to mold, allergens, accidents and worst of all bankruptcy!! 

The Reason That I Started the ARC Trade Centre was Because I Built a $300,000.00 Home That Cost Me $700,000.00

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7 Reasons Homeowners Choose ARC Trade Centre For Their Renovation Project

  1. We offer great rates on products and materials
  2. We offer extended warranties 
  3. Many of our members are "Manufacturer Certified"
  4. We offer financing for home improvement projects
  5. Our members are rated by home-owner reviews
  6. Our Personal Advisors will work with you
  7. Memberships to home-owners are currently free